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New Features

  • New Etherkin Factions

    Play as the brutal Kytos, half-man and half-lion and built for toughness, or summon mechanical Psyteks and control the battlefield as the diminuitive Psychea.

  • Construct Alliance Bases

    Unite to build and upgrade your custom base, with eleven building types to make your own custom layout. Unlock alliance-specific special events and rewards.

  • Upgraded Starting Zones

    All three races have beautiful new starting zones, all leading to the hub city of New Sunstream. The main questline has also been streamlined and revamped.



While searching for Bilu's lost memories, Velonus opened a magical rift that has thrown the world into chaos. Sunstream was destroyed, and a magical vortex pulled the Etherkin race to the mortal world.

Sunstream has been rebuilt, but mysteries remain: Who stopped Sunstream from being completely annihilated? And what do the Kytos and Psychea tribes intend to do?

Adventure awaits in a reborn world, where every story begins in a small town called Sunstream, protected by the power of the Regenesis sword...

Start your own adventure in Jade Dynasty: Regenesis, coming soon!