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New Race: The Voida

Adapt to any situation with the power of both light and darkness. Manage your alignment in combat to temporary unleash your full power with reduced cooldowns.

Customize Your Esper

Unlock more powers on your Esper by fusing it with other Espers. Plus, make your Esper unstoppable by ascending it, granting upgraded stats and appearances.

New Zone: Archaia

Explore the mystery of the Voida’s return in this new zone, accessible by all levels but built to challenge endgame veterans.

Elemental Temple Instance

Pick your challenge level and face successive bosses with up to five friends, earning the components for endgame gear as you progress.

New Alliance War Map

Alliances have the option to fight it out on a new 50v50 map, with easy access for spectators. Earn gold for triumphing over your enemies!

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New adventures, challenges, and secrets are revealed in the upcoming Jade Dynasty: Judgment expansion. As the Harmony Scroll continues to be pieced back together, the emerging energy has caused a rift in space and time, allowing access to an ancient mystical land! At the same time, the Athan have introduced a new faction heavily based in the Light and Dark arts of their discipline. Are the Voida here to protect this new land, or hoard its treasures for themselves?

Find out this December in Jade Dynasty: Judgment!