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Jade Dynasty – Free Fantasy MMORPG | Play Free Online Video Games
  • Jade Dynasty - Celan

    The Celan are known to manipulate their foes and support allies using their musical abilities.

  • Jade Dynasty - Rayan

    The Rayan are known as deadly assassins, even amongst their own allies.

  • Jade Dynasty Vengeance Trailer

    Players will need to decide whether to join the humans in their quest to uncover the secrets of immortality or side with the immortals to restore balance in the mortal realm.

  • Two New Athan Factions Rayan and Celan

  • Territory Wars (Alliance vs. Alliance battles)

  • Unique Low Bid Auction House

  • 10 New World Bosses

  • New Daily Events

  • The Kytos

      We've already showcased a bit of the Psychea, so now it's time for the other Etherkin tribe, the Kytos! These quadriped warriors are not afraid to face danger head-on. In fact, they relish… more

  • The Psychea

      The Etherkin are a race from far away in one sense, yet just around the corner in another. They hail from a neighboring dimension and have been forcefully stranded on Earth. Now they must make the… more

  • JD - Regenesis Coming Soon!

      A new era is being born and the call for adventurers goes out. The next big expansion is on the horizon -- Jade Dynasty: Regenesis!   New allies and new enemies await these intrepid… more

  • JD - Vengeance is here!

    The day you've been waiting for is now here.  Vengeance has arrived.  Here are a few of the many changes and additions we've added with this expansion!  You now can play as… more

  • The Celan Class - exquisite sophisticates!

    The Celan faction is the absolute embodiment of grace and elegance.  With superior capability as a support healer as well as various blessing and curse skills the Celan is sure to prove their worth in a… more

  • JD Expansion - New Daily Events and Quests

    Greetings Players, I want to introduce you to some of the new daily events and quests inside Jade Dynasty Vengeance! Note:  Event and quest names subject to change   Dragon Bay Treasure Quest… more

  • Welcome to the dark side! Intro to the Rayan

    The Rayan is one of the five offspring, that share the blood of the Gods. Their unbreakable loyalty results in them being a mysterious faction. Their origins are not completely known. A true Rayan will never… more